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Leak - End Engineers

Firstly, welcome and thank you for your interest in our Company.

LEAK-END Engineers is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of world-class Mechanical Seal for Pumps, Compressors, Agitators, Mixers and Reactors. We manufacture mechanical seal according to international standards design and installation. We have computer aided design facility for designing and developing mechanical seal of interest to our customers.

LEAK-END feels its strength especially in fields where specific innovative solutions for sealing with mechanical seal systems are demanded.

At LEAK-END Engineers, "We give the Total Customer Satisfaction - High Quality Products, and Rush Delivery of standard products."

QUALITY to ensure long life of product, we use the best quality raw materials coming from INDIA, Raw materials, parts and complete assemblies are inspected by using latest instruments in all stages to prevent any lapse in quality. To conform to the strict quality control, our customized mechanical seals undergo pressure and leak testing before being sent out to our customers.

COST - LEAK-END products cost cheaper than other manufacturer or mechanical seal distributor. Through modular design techniques, we minimized production cost thus lowering the prices of our products.

DELIVERY - We have sufficient person and production facilities in order to support immediate requirements and rush deliveries of standard and special design seals according to the needs of our customers.